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The transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to net carbon zero is fundamental to sustainable development and climate resilience.

Aletsch glacier, Switzerland

The energy transition is not solely about clean energy technologies such as renewable energy generation, energy storage and alternative energy vectors like hydrogen.  Of equal importance is that fossil fuels continue to meet today’s demand as safely and sustainably as possible to create time for new developments to meet net zero aspirations. Moreover, there is the need to ensure the supply of all energy sources remains secure. 

A vast array of projects in clean energy technologies, oil and gas repurposing and energy security must be delivered to achieve this transformation. These projects span the generation, conversion, storage, distribution and ultimate use of this energy by society, business and industry.

All pose significant risks to people, plant and the planet. These risks must be managed effectively to support safe and effective development. 

As a result, effective risk management will be a key enabler of the energy transition.

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