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Complementary services that combine to enable the transition to net carbon zero in a safe, effective and attentive way.

Ramspgill Head, England

The energy transition will be delivered by capex assets such as offshore and onshore wind farms, solar parks, energy storage facilities and hydrogen plant, as well as repurposing oil and gas facilities.  We help to identify the risks associated with these assets, assess their impact on people, plant and the planet, and recommend improvements to reduce the risks to acceptable levels. 

Our services enable the safe and effective development and operation of energy transition infrastructure in a way that protects people and the planet, whilst ensuring the plant operates reliably and is commercially viable.

Our services address the interactions between the PLANT and PEOPLE:

  • Health and safety risks to workers
  • Impacts on local communities
  • Integrity of plant design and operations

And the interactions between the PLANT and the PLANET:

  • Risks to the local environment
  • Impacts on society and climate change
  • Integrity of plant design and operations


We provide support across the whole lifecycle of the asset:

  • Feasibility and conceptual design, when opportunities to reduce risk are at their greatest.
  • Construction and commissioning.
  • Full operating life of the asset, including service and maintenance activities, optimisation and modification.
  • End-of-life, including life extension, repurposing, decommissioning and disposal.

Energy transition projects typically assemble products designed and built by others into a specific configuration unique to that project (e.g., wind turbine, electrical substation or hydrogen electrolyser). A significant proportion of the risk of the project is dictated by the design of the product as well as the logistics arrangements employed (e.g., transport and installation strategies or personnel access arrangements). We ensure that risk is managed effectively across all project, product and logistics elements.

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Our capabilities help to answer the three fundamental questions of effective risk management:

  • Do we understand what risks we are taking and what could go wrong?
  • Do we know what systems are in place to manage this?
  • Do we have information to assure us that the systems are working effectively?
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